Hello, my name is James, and I am a retail worker. I've long had an interest in model railways, and only in recent years have I got a lot more serious into the hobby, and have built up a collection of rolling stock which I'm rather interested in. As it stands, I've currently not got any projects on the go, due to my shed needing some work on it to fix the colander like appearance, but once this is done, I'll have two projects at the minimum on the go. One will be my first exhibition layout, based on the china clay workings in the 70s, and my permanent home layout, named 'Roughton junction' based on the transpennine route in the 1985-95 period, just as the last of the class 45s were allocated to this route, and you were seeing the likes of regional railways colours coming in. There will be more projects to come in the future, which will be decided in the future, and this will give me a lot more excitement in the hobby as there will be lots of work to be doing on these projects. I look forward to keeping you all informed in the foreseeable future Cheers James

Posted by Deleted (ac1806e9) at 2021-05-01 22:05:16 UTC