Hi, I’m Rob and thank you for the invite Justin. I am modelling in OO and a three tier layout in the garage with fiddle yard on lower, main scenic on middle with main station, stone railhead, depot based on Shirebrook, and plenty of scenery and then the top level is a Heritage line terminus with small depot as featured by SMS, know as Carlettbrook - CB. I am also dipping my toes into O gauge with a rake of 12 M.G.R wagons waiting for a Class 56 to come along. Plans are for an out and back in the garden but that will be sometime coming. Live in North West on the Wirral, but grew up in Wellingborough on the MML and spent a lot of time on East Midland Rangers around Sheffield, Worksop, Retford as well as Nottingham and Derby. But also Peterborough, March, and Rugby, and a level crossing called Banbury lane near Northampton on the fast lines, means I was lucky to see a variety of 70’s and 80’s traction. So Class 20, 25, 31, 37, 45, 47, 56, 58, 85, 86, 87 and HST and APT which I travelled on from Glasgow to Euston and return in a day in 1984....... are in my blood! And of course spent many a night sat at the south end of Crewe station on an over nighter with other enthusiasts. All very distant memories now...... Anyway, now I visit the East Lancs, Llangollen heritage lines, Talyllyn, Bala Lake Railway, as well as north west locations such as Acton Bridge, North Wales and of course the Settle and Carlisle line. Looking forward to finding out more about fellow modellers and all your projects and thoughts and opinions. A brilliant new exciting forum, thank you Justin and Team 👏👏👏

Posted by Rob York at 2021-04-20 22:10:07 UTC