Fitting LED’s to a small petrol pump canopy. Well I think I can say that the job is complete, but not without a few minor problems! Initially the little rural garage was not "planned" with petrol pumps in mind. This was the problem! As work progressed on the garage build, and nearing completion (it has LED’s fitted in both garage and showroom) I realised that it would look better with a small "forecourt" with a couple of pumps, oil cabinet and airline. This was constructed but was not planned for LED’s. Having revisited this project again (after a little disappointment in my error) I thought I could simply add 2 little 3mm wheat grain type LED’s but much to my dismay, when I had them fitted, unfortunately they protruded below the line of the canopy. This did not please 🥵. Adding to the problem, the two stanchions for the canopy were 3mm square pine strips and solid! With limited space on the underside of the canopy, the only answer was to fit the little "strip LED’s - this would also require a stanchion with a hollow centre for the cables?? A further problem - what do I use? 🤔The answer - an old pencil with the lead removed😇 This has worked a treat! I see another #toptips for Tuesday here! A little frame for the strip LED’s (3) was made to fit into the space on the underside of the canopy, the two pieces or pencil painted, secured with a hot glue gun and -job done! Lesson Learned? Always plan your complete scratch build from the start to avoid having to undo previously completed construction! In the end, I am happy with the addition of the canopy to the model.😀

Posted by Ken at 2021-05-02 21:39:24 UTC