No modelling this Bank Holiday weekend as the builders and decorators only finished last Thursday, so all weekend was spent converting my old office desk to a modelling area to reflect my newly retired status. Pleased with the result and about ready to go. Current projects include the cattle dock, the start of a stables and a sand house - the felt roof for which arrived from Justin et al late last week but I am not happy with the brickwork painting that I did so may reconsider that. Some weathering may help or it’s a rub back and try again (help?!!). This is all for a non-existent OO gauge geographically uncertain 1955 steam layout that will be built when the loft conversion is done - which is further away than I hoped - so decided that we are going to cram lots of scenery and track onto a 1800x1500 roundy roundy as modelling skill practice and to get the kids engaged.

Posted by David N. at 2021-05-03 19:04:16 UTC