Ok so who fancies sharing this Watneys party 11 can of worms please? Ex works. I’ve heard people describe a model as ex works as straight from the box. But when I’ve seen the real thing, an ex works looks shinny, clean and brimming with painted small parts? I’ve got a selection here of locomotives in varying states for my locomotive works. A class 47 in for an engine swap and complete overhaul, bogies removed and will be on the overhead crane, a class 37 prepped and ready for the body shop, a class 31 beautifully distressed by my best mate @diggerevans. Fit for scrap (the 31 not Digger!) a burnt out football special victim mk2e and then two what I would call ex works, a 37 and 45. Opinions welcome please?

Posted by Timo at 2021-05-03 19:30:47 UTC