Now to something different. Seeing as spray booths for airbrushing can cost anything up to £200+, I fettled my own. Suction to take away the overspray is done with a bathroom extractor fan that was in my pile of roundtuits. Filtering was done with a car pollen filter held into the fan by suction - seen here laid at the side of it. Lighting is a usb led strip to give good downward light over the workpiece. Most of my spraying is with acrylics, so no fumes, but if I am using enamels, then I attach an extractor hose and hang that out of the window. Oh, the booth is a used cardboard box suitably cut and folded, sprayed with a rattle can acrylic primer. Being from Yorkshire and Scottish forebears, I am pleased with my expenditure ..... only my time. #toptips

Posted by camallison (Colin) at 2021-05-04 10:55:21 UTC