#toptips when soldering dropper wires to rail. I solder to the underside of the rail before gluing down. If using Peco or similar, cut the webbing between two sleepers on one rail and staggered on the other. Tin the rail, firstly clean rail with a fibre stick and apply a small amount of solder. Strip the insulation off the feed wire, use two different colours for each rail, by about 10mm. Tin the end and then snip off to leave a 5mm. Fold end at 90deg. Then with track upside down, hold bent wire onto rail and apply heat. Solder will melt, remove iron and allow to cool. Check joint with simple pull test. Position track, mark position of rail, drill small hole and feed wire through. Might need a gentle pull underneath to flat. Result, hidden feeds.

Posted by Mudmagnet at 2021-05-04 16:42:55 UTC