With a bit of luck @Peaks 47 is in the middle of this mornings live stream, so while Tina and I are having a cuppa we just want to wish all our new members a very warm welcome. If you haven't done so yet, don't forget to upload a profile pic and say hello in the Introduce Yourself group. Welcome aboard... @stevenpotter273 @silchestertony @norm55e @deletedmember @camallison @davemills04 @jcpa.watson @colinatmorton @darwinlanding @Smudger @andyjones_cymru @keddlestephen @rob.callaghan1979 @mbutler47 @orme455 @MB66 @petrieted @pete1 @ianr.snw @garry.wg @speedbird48 @vernthegardner @georgecroft2 @Joe Carroll @thebloodydarkness @joysargent97 @chris.kemp @bettydarcyrace @mightyllama @a999richard @adriantibble @davidbell100 @stevepartridge30 @iandtbrown60 @dacsrc95 @rysio84 @benvantonder1 @sbatty @frankallen796 @johnsalt66 @s.lamb428 @johnwpond@deletedmemberil @derek.orchard @peacheymodels @Junction3 @ian1 @simon1 @dwood168 @Steve35006PnO @joshwhite206 @deletedmember @civ_ser @TOPDRAWDESIGNS @adam1 @rymer47 @PeterM @EWSClass66 @Tiddlesbury @Christopher.Blount7 @leslie.poulter @itsjustme @coldcreamer1 @mikewade60 @gavinadamson @Jack Sherriff @deletedmember @b.moore403 @chapmananthony017 @F@deletedmembervidniven @laudp @gao.irish @Matthew @erniegil

Posted by justin.noble at 2021-05-05 09:27:26 UTC