I've hand painted my back boards (hardboard) as I really only wanted a sky back scene to cut out the loft clutter that kept intruding when I took photos and the Cheshire Plain does not really lend itself to vistas of majestic rolling hills! I used some white matt emulsion and painted with a 3 inch radiator roller. As I moved up the boards I started with neat paint then did progressive bands adding a few drops of Vahello blues acrylic so the sky darkened as it reached towards the zenith. You have to work quite fast so you can blend a little. After it had started to dry I went back in and added a few cloud impressions and in one area a few reds and amber tinges which show upon as a sunset when I retune the LED's to a late evening hue. I think it does the job, I even have a cut out of a Dan Air Elizabethan Ambassador Climbing out of Ringway Airport (as it was then called!) #toptips

Posted by Knutsford-Ian at 2021-05-06 09:09:39 UTC