New Layout Build - Additional details and structures Next up this weekend we join Richard over at Everard Junction for the latest update on his new layout build. In the video, Richard is working on further details such as retaining walls, trackside details & also a culvert scene. We’re just about to release our brand new laser cut/engraved retaining wall kit. (If you're a First Class member you can order yours today). Anyway... here's the video Other items from our range featured in the video are as follows: LX086-OO Culverts (Pack of 6) OO/4mm/1:76 LX035-OO Laser Cut Concrete Lineside Trunking OO/4mm/1:76 AX012-OO Litter OO/4mm/1:76 LX020-OO Laser Cut Paving Slabs (2ft x 3ft) OO/4mm/1:76 LX135-OO Kerb Stones (3ft) OO/4mm/1:76 Richard's new layout is really shaping up now.

Posted by justin.noble at 2021-05-07 13:06:38 UTC