Evening all. Just working on our structure for First Class membership to Railway Modellers. This system works differently to the old club in terms of points. We can see how active members are from behind the scenes as there is a points system, but it’s not something we can immediately access and use to convert them into vouchers. So... we’re restructuring the perks... Ideas on the table so far are: Membership pack: Including membership card, pin badge, stickers, printed SMS catalogue. Maybe a couple of other things. Free upgrade to express shipping on SMS orders. Unlimited access to all our downloadable kits and textures. Exclusive how-to articles & guides Exclusive Live Q & As Quarterly printed newsletter Exclusive pre-sales on new kits - get first dibs on all new kits at First Class discount prices. That’s what we have so far... what do you think?

Posted by justin.noble at 2021-04-22 20:25:13 UTC