Afternoon all! Just a quick update regarding the Verified Member program. Each week we award those that are always contributing to the Railway Modellers club, commenting on posts, interacting with members, answering questions and posting inspirational photos and videos etc with Verified Member Status. This week we'd like to welcome to Verified Member fold, the following members: @jeg_60 @Hans van de Burgt @Ian Hewitt @Luciton St James @Ged @Mudmagnet @Chandwell @Josh Swales @markpoveyt5 @andyandlynne.keast @Ken You can spot posts and comments from verified members really easily as they have a funky green tick on their profile image. Don't forget, to be in with a chance of becoming a verified member, you much upload a profile picture! Doesn't have to be you... it can be anything you like 👍

Posted by justin.noble at 2021-05-10 14:31:32 UTC