Hi all. I'm Rachel, from Exeter. We have a family layout, and no fixed space! This has several challenges which it has been quite fun to work with. Firstly, the layout folds in half which gives a fixed maximum height of about 8cm (00 scale 19ft) for anything fixed onto the board... So things have to be carefully placed so as to compliment the height on the opposite side once closed up. Taller buildings have to be 'set up' each time we get it out (which is part of the fun for the children) so have to be limited in number so it doesn't take too long. This also means they have to be 'handle-able.' We all have had an input on what we want on the layout so we now have the East Exeter Joint Railway... A fictional preserved tourist line based loosely on all the preserved railways we like to go to, including the West Somerset, South Devon and places like the Devon Railway Centre. This gives us the fun of running 3 gauges.... Standard 00 Hornby track for the mainline, 009 Peco flexitrack for the narrow gauge and z gauge Flexi track for a miniature line. It's been on the go for about 3 years and has developed as we go along.

Posted by Rachel at 2021-05-12 15:45:59 UTC