Afternoon All, I'm Stephen, I'm 33 and currently live outside Okehampton in Devon, although I'm originally from Broadway in Worcestershire. I have a OO gauge layout that depicts a fictional heritage railway, so giving me the artistic licence to run what I want, steam, diesel or electric (the former 2 types mostly to be fair). I model it alongside a fictional model bus and coach company. The 2 towns that it runs between are a twist name of Okehampton and the village I live nearest. I actually live in the old goods shed along the former Okehampton to Bude via Halwill Junction, the Withered Arm, route. I have had a passion for railways since I was a baby. My parents used to own 2 diesel locomotives as well as some passenger rolling stock. My mum and I have now wittled this down to being a collection of 90's and early 00's Fords in the wake of my father's passing. My layout is posted on Facebook under Okebury Valley Railway along with Okebury Coaches Ltd. Included is a photo of a fairly recently acquired S100, which may eventually get a repaint and re-number (if I ever dare to).

Posted by Steve35006PnO at 2021-05-12 16:11:37 UTC