This ones a collection of photos as my final offering for today’s #postittheme of #realrailways. These were all jobs completed by the team at various points with first up, 13065 Hughes/Fowler Crab in ‘as-built’ livery. Then, it’s the NNR J15, backdated to a Y14 with lower roof and cut down spectacle plate. The third photo is a hand painted LNWR crest for the new-build George V loco. All 24ct gold leaf under the many, many layers of paint. We’re on to No.4 and it’s D200 at the NRM. Can’t say much more apart from it being a great job! Finally, the 47 at Bo’ness in one of my favourite liveries. Just another small snippet of images and I’ll surely post others in the coming weeks and months!

Posted by Ian Hewitt at 2021-05-12 16:51:26 UTC