Whitesands Quay was originally designed as a third part of a series by Reinier Hendriksen following on from Moors End and it's extension, The Moors. Sadly Reinier passed away in 2000 before he had started Whitesands Quay and Moors End is now in the National Narrow Gauge Museum, Valkenburg in the Netherlands. I was given a copy of the plans and thought it would make an excellent layout for myself, but with some of my own interpretations. I built a baseboard and trackwork (hand made) but wasn't happy with the results so had the baseboard built by a good friend at Mulberry Works https://mulberryworks.co.uk/ with fiddle yard and stand. Track work is Peco mainline narrow gauge 9mm. Electric's are analog - I really don't need DCC for this small layout and some of the stock is too small even for the latest chips. I will try and keep you interested in progress on the layout build - sometimes it is a bit stop start as work can get in the way! Welcome to the Whitesands Quay layout. #009 #narrowgauge #cornwall

Posted by Simon Cox at 2021-05-12 21:17:58 UTC