Hi all, my name's Danny and I have been building Southern Mk1 and Mk3 units since I discovered MTK kits back in the 80s and was finally able to recreate what I grew up with and travelled on to London and throughout the South East. With no RTR offerings in OO gauge until recently, its been something I've become quite passionate about hence VariousMultipleUnits which I now also have on other social media platforms. I don't currently have a layout as I'm hoping to move house later this year and would love to build a diorama of a Wimbledon/Stewarts Lane esque depot, so in the meantime, I'm just building units. That said I have built up quite a few now so I'm almost there. Thrilled to be here, I've wanted to join a MRC for quite some time and look forward to seeing and sharing all that comes with it. 👋🏽🙂

Posted by VARIOUS_MULTIPLE_UNITS at 2021-04-24 07:38:36 UTC