One for you wiring buffs. I’ll admit to being a little perplexed. I’m wiring my first electro frog points (Peco SL-E187), and using Cobalt IP Digitals for point control. So far so good - I think I know what to do based on Peco’s and DCC Concepts’ helpful instructions. However, my point motors are on a separate bus to my track. I think this means that the ‘standard’ DCC Concepts wiring approach won’t work, since the power in/out of the point motor is carrying a different set of commands to those on the track bus. So do I just ignore the switching and go back to wiring the frog for DCC without any switching as per Peco’s instructions, or do I do something clever with the circuits on the IP Digital so that one of the circuits acts as a switchable ‘through’ circuit for the track bus? I hope this makes sense - and thanks in advance for the advice.

Posted by Dom at 2021-05-15 07:37:11 UTC