My project 3 weeks ago,and my next foray into the world of scratchbuilding was a half-relief pub which would sit flat against a backscene on my future (hopefully when space permits) layout which will be based on the LMS region. I did post on here previously, some photo's of a Midland type station building which was one of my first totally scratchbuilt efforts. The pub took about a week to complete and is constructed of 1,5mm card,styrene,brick paper and some commercially available architectural fittings such as windows and doors. The project on the workbench at the moment is a single road,branch line,small engine shed (to house a small tank engine)'s to appear when complete,hopefully sometime next week. Comments and suggestions on improvements to the pub (and scratchbuilding in general) gratefully received.

Posted by gregorybrown06 (Greg) at 2021-05-15 07:42:36 UTC