My first foray into modelling was a few years ago after a slow Christmas, when I wandered over to Model Railways Direct, (my local source of goodies and treats). My browsing (remember when we could browse!!!?) brought me to the Metcalfe's Display Stand. Oh dear! From there on it was a slippery slope to my current sorry state. I bought some terraced cottages, low relief and full monty, and some Roket card glue. Making up these kits is such a simple pleasure and very satisfying. Ok, but then I started into kit bashing, before I had even heard the term! Great to build, even better to modify to match my prototype a little more closely! The cottages and shops are still only serving as placeholders over the still to be modelled King Street located under the bridge in Knutsford

Posted by Knutsford-Ian at 2021-05-15 08:57:22 UTC