Hi everyone, I'm Paul, 46 from near Stockport and have been into railway modelling on and off since receiving my first Hornby trainset as a child. I don't have a permanent layout at home sadly but have been slowly (10 years and counting) working on my planned OO exhibition layout Speedlow... well the name wasn't intended to be ironic about my lack of progress more of a homage to Speedlink and some local Derbyshire place names like Hindlow, Dowlow etc. The layout is set in the 1989 to 1991 period and will feature a lot of English Electric's finest Class 37s along with 20s, 31, 47s, along with some industrial shunters used at the two quarries. Very much into my Speedlink era air-braked wagons and the lovely vacuum-braked I.C.I. PHV bogie hoppers. At present I am living with my partner in Northwich due to the pandemic and so I have mainly been doing rolling stock intended for the layout. My plans to start adding the scenery to the layout at home like hills, walls, lineside bits etc. last year went out of the window of course... damm you covid! Cheers Paul

Posted by pharrc20 at 2021-05-15 12:28:56 UTC