Thought I'd post a bit of #howto for making tarpaulin out of chocolate wrappers. 1) the wrappers I use are of a well known wafer and teacake makers. Measures the size you need and allow a bit of overhang on the sides of the wagon and then cut out to the size you need. 2) the wrappers are pretty well wrinkled and creased anyway, however I add a few more by screwing the wrapper up a few times. For this example the cover is going in the bottom of my LNER container, so I got it to look like it's just been put in there out the way. 3) I used a mid to dark brown as a base colour. Make sure that you get the paint in every nook and cranny. 4) using lighter and darker shades of the base colour, add in some highlights. This is shown in the 4th picture though I'm not sure how well it stands out. The ridges have been dry brushed and blended in with a lighter shade, and the creases with a darker one. 5) last just stick in place on your wagon. Tarpaulins were tied down so it's worth using fine thread to act as tie down ropes attached to the buffer stocks and sides of the wagon when finished. Hopefully this is of use to someone and goes to show you don't need to spend money on buying ready made covers and sheets.

Posted by Josh S at 2021-05-15 15:15:04 UTC