#helpwanted. I want to put a OO gauge twin track turning triangle on the layout. Can anyone tell me what crossings I need - left or right ? Preferably with Peco Setrack Code 100 or Hornby codes so I can buy them ? If you happen to have a plan showing the dimensions that would be the icing on the cake ! A hand drawn plan would be fine. I'm going to wire the system for DC in the first instance, but turn to DCC once I can afford it and all the Loco chips. I did have a plan of this in a catalogue, but do you think I can find it ? Not a chance ! If I ever find that 'safe place' where I've put things over years I'm going be deluged with 'stuff'....... Thanks in advance, Snowy.

Posted by Snowy at 2021-05-15 15:55:47 UTC