And now something else, this time some photos of one of my quarry buildings for Speedlow. This started life as one existing Walthers Glacier Gravel Company kits ref 933-3062 that my uncle purchased and built many years ago. When I first started to look at how I could build the quarry buildings for the layout I really wasn't sure how to tackle them whether to build from scratch or something else. In the Hornby Magazine yearbook for 2014 I think it was they built their new layout that featured a cement works and used this Walthers kit. I saw my answer right there and then. Plus being plastic leant itself to being altered to suit. Anyway this building re-used my uncle's now surplus built kit and by buying another one and being clever managed to join the two together to make one new quarry buulding. As you can see not quite finished as yet some 6 years down the line ho hum, but the bulk of it is there. I haven't quite decided on how best to do the concrete face of the front of the building or the part above it so any suggestions would be gratefully received. The opening at the back is intended to allow some sort of manual loading of hopper wagons in the future. The two low height structures are intended to sit either side of the main structure in part relief as it were up against a planned backscene. The main structure is deliberately not symmetrical. Cheers Paul

Posted by pharrc20 at 2021-05-16 17:32:01 UTC