Woo, it’s my layout’s own topic 😀 I started building ‘Made Upton’ in February of last year. It was never intended as a ‘lockdown project’, although it worked out quite nicely having something to focus on when the COVID thing affected us all. It’s a permanent hone layout which I’m building in my garage, and caters not only for trains but for Faller and RC vehicles too, as I specialise in converting diecast vehicles to radio control. Basic details: Scale: 1:76 (OO gauge) Track: Peco Code 75 with re-spaced sleepers Control: DCC (NCE Powercab) with Megapoints points servos Time: modern image, no exact period Size: about 4m x 3m I built the whole thing on a raised floor, so that I could have storage underneath and also so I could easily duck under the track without needing a lift out or hinged section for access. Let’s try adding these photos first, see how we go:

Posted by Jeff Pike at 2021-05-17 13:05:12 UTC