I used to model in 00 gauge 40 odd years ago. The interim years were filled by having kids, working for a living (Which I still do) and just life in general. Two years ago I had an itch to build a layout again. John Birkett-Smiths layout of Ashburton blew me away with what could be achieved in N gauge. I started building kits and scratch building buildings that would go onto my dream layout. Like many, the lockdown gave me the opportunity to work from home and not waste two hours of my life each day on the M27. Work was started on a plan and then baseboard building. I can't believe how this hobby has come on in leaps and bound. Prior to railway modelling this time round, I built square riggers from scratch. I hope you find the pictures of interest.

Posted by taylorbj at 2021-05-18 13:39:36 UTC