SECOND POST. I really am not one for esoteric planning; I prefer to see what I've got then maybe (only maybe mind) I transfer it on to graph paper and work things around. In this case I decided to see what bargain packs of track I could find on eBay and go from there. As I already mentioned, I had lots of buildings built, all in OO scale and when I found a job lot of track too build a three loop circuit under offer on eBay I pounced. Next came afternoons of laying out various track configurations and buildings and recalling what I could of the layout of Knutsford Station, both as I recalled it and from what was available on line. I also had top give some consideration to what space I would have available up in the loft once I had boarded it out and built the staging. Knutsford is a challenge as it has a road bridge over at one end of the station and another road bridge under at the other end. So a flat base board was never going to work. And this is critical to what I was doing. I wasn't rushing through the build so I could drive trains up and down; the build was of primary importance because it offered so many new technical challenges to me. OK, now I have a track operating progress on the scenic elements has slowed because every time I go up in the loft I do need to run a few locos, just to check they are happy you understand. But this is also important because if I can run my trains effectively and smoothly it tells me I have built a good track layout. These photos take the story from our living room carpet to the layout just before I pinned it down

Posted by Knutsford-Ian at 2021-05-18 16:01:01 UTC