I have found a few more images of my quarry structures being built and modified. Again these are parts from Walthers adapted to suit my needs. The twin silos are from the Glacier Industrial Sands kit and for Speedlow are intended for cement powder loading. The next photo shows the hopper loading chutes from the Glacier Gravel Company kit, the bauxite brown is the one gifted to me by my uncle, whilst the one on the right is from the new kit, just built the other way round. The white plastic fill in plugs the gap nicely. The final two photos show the structures in grey and red primer undercoat pending eventual weathering. Also a friend took some images of the layout when it was last exhibited as a Work in Progress layout at the Poynton Model Show in 2015 courtesy of Jon Gavin on Flickr amongst the other layout exhibits that were there that weekend. Cheers Paul https://flic.kr/s/aHsknsEPDq

Posted by pharrc20 at 2021-05-19 21:17:23 UTC