FOURTH POST As well as the challenges of getting my layout up together, I have really enjoyed building in bits of whimsey or nostalgia around the layout.. A young Tommy Littler is seen leaning off the station box landing over his once infamous bicycle. This trusty steed would convey him in and out of Knutsford to Ollerton, a tiny village a few miles a way. Tommy was one of our local characters although turning out to find him after he had fallen foul of the enticements of Watney's Wilderspool brewery products late at night did somewhat dull his appeal. The name sign was my very first SMS purchase - there have been many more since then! The wayside shed with the PW foreman and lookout (c/w furled flags on his arm) is sheer invention. Geometry prevents me from building the Western goods yard so I had a a tempting space to fill. the shed itself started life as a PW hut from Metcalfe's but I wanted an additional lean to which was satisfied with an SMS corrugated iron fencing panel. The bicycles (also SMS) are fiddly, but are really worth the effort. Lots of boo-boo bush was allowed to blur the edges and an old section of track was further distressed to suggest the remnants of an old siding. BTW, I call it Boo-Boo bush because it seems to miraculously grow over anything I am not satisfied with , so it covers up my boo-Boos!)

Posted by Knutsford-Ian at 2021-05-20 10:56:52 UTC