#postit #controllers I must admit, I haven't got a clue what most of you are talking about when it comes to controllers, ie Prodigy, Z21, Arduino, Digitrax . Hornby 6000 etc and then someone mention Pi,😵 It's like listening to a foreign language station on the radio. I feel quite insecure when I spy my Bachmann trainset turn and go controller, I lock the shed door so I can't hear people sniggering behind my back 😂. My poor little Bachmann turny knoby thing has got quite an insecurity complex now, so, my point being, and yes there is a point, I'll be looking for a decent controller for my shed layout to be purchased in January, the layout will be around 2 mtrs long, an indutrial-ish shunting type whatsit, so can any body advise me on what to look out for. DC and DCC. Thanks lads and lasses. Oh and could I have custard with my Pi?

Posted by Ged at 2021-05-20 12:29:52 UTC