There are two boards, each 1m x 450mm, with integral fiddle yard and constructed in conventional manner from 6mm plywood on a softwood frame. All glued and screwed, ensuring that screw heads are countersunk. The right hand / fiddle yard board sits on a pair of legs (softwood) and the left hand piggy-backs on one pair locating to first using pattern makers dowels and M6 bolts with wingnuts. The backscene boards are also 6mm plywood. When bolted face to face, 9mm plywood end boards are bolted to the ends (the one at the open track legs having hardboard spacers to ensure board does not touch ends of rails) and a board clipped onto the front. Effectively entirely boxing in the scenic side of the layout. When loaded into the car, the layout sits on its back. The legs slot into the board frames.

Posted by Mudmagnet at 2021-05-20 13:19:57 UTC