Well this weekend's modelling involves a continuation of my work on continuing with my work on the platforms for the stations on my layout.Since the introduction of the new platform range,as HQ will confirm,I have been ordering the various platform components and associated wall wraps and weathered platform texture papers over the past few weeks.Apart from one very long platform on my mainline station,I have been able to design and build platform structures for the rest of my stations,a lot of which comprise double depth platform surfaces to accommodate the station buildings.Once complete.I will post some photos of what these look like.For my platform surfaces I have used TX225-OO,the weathered asphalt with concrete slab coping and TX244-OO the weathered red brick platform walls,although I intend to use the light weathered ashlar wall papers for the island platform on my mainline station.Thanks to Justin for his advice on which of the many options to use on my layout. #weekend modelling

Posted by neilwolsey at 2021-05-21 09:02:49 UTC