Here is the superstructure of my Locomotive test bed which includes an old water damaged and repaired by me Gaugemaster panel mounted controller, A Voltmeter, and two Ammeters one 1 amp meter, and a 5 amp meter. I would have preferred a 2 or 3 amp meter but could not source one. I originally thought a 1 amp was a bit low so went for the 5amp one but found the needle barely moved so sent for the 1 amp one so will have the meters wired through a switch so I can use one meter or the other. On top there will be three tracks one OO gauge track, One N gauge Track, and one Three Rail Track which again will be wired through a switch to the one I want to use. The plywood front is only a template for the controller and the meters as the front will be a glossy white twin aluminum panel with a sandwich plastic centre so can be cleaned when required

Posted by andrewrussell12 at 2021-05-22 15:13:20 UTC