Hi Everyone Greetings from wet north herts I’m recently retired and downsided the house but I negotiated with the power to be to obtain the garage. A bout of I’ll health has slowed progress, on this my second layout, still making numerous errors , like building two helixes, big mistake, Not enough time in the day for the garden and other projects so the railway sometimes takes a back seat. But hey, not on a timetable so it’s always classed as W I P. It’s moving on a bit now but Do they ever get finished? Latest project is DCC so busy fitting sound It’s an all steam layout from the 50/60s mainly NE but it’s my railway so I run what I want and like Hope you enjoy the few pics I have and please forgive all errors, one day I may complete a section I hope. Cheers Ray

Posted by raycoften at 2021-05-22 15:36:20 UTC