Here is a bit of video of our tramcar layout "Trams of Yesteryear" from Model Rail Scotland 2020. Some of you may find the trams are driven a bit to fast and I would agree with you, but just remember it is the kids that are running them. We do tell them to slow down, however most of them have never seen a tramcar in normal service so please make allowances. I did consider making speeding tickets to hand out but then I realised if one child got one they would all want one so gave that idea a miss lol However we did make tickets saying "I drove a tram at Model Rail Scotland" with whatever year it was and they went down very well. The overheads are live or rather they perform the return circuit the trams picking up from one of the rails. Two trams on each track and one rail for power for each tram. So no Dcc in site

Posted by andrewrussell12 at 2021-05-24 08:34:06 UTC