I'm Trevor from Retford north Nottinghamshire . I started my layout 30 yrs ago , had an 8 yr break around 2004 while addicted to flight simming , came back to modelling when computer expired . The layout hasn't got a name yet but all my 40 odd loco's have or are in process of being repainted / remodeled to match images from circa 1987. Most were bought pre owned and probably are from that period themselves . Wagons a mix of RTR and kit built , coaches RTR . Alot of the scenic materials I have used are from the 90s so no static grass just fluffy insulation and tweezers . I don't model to exhibition standards but what I do looks ok from a distance . Might put up some closer images if I find suitably photogenic angles that don't show the rough bits .

Posted by trevorlynamzz at 2021-05-24 12:44:44 UTC