This workshop is geared at someone just coming into the model rail hobby. Here we the first of two workshops on the art of soldering. Some modelers tend to shy away from this subject like the plague, as the can't quite get a good solder joint. The secret to good soldering is both surfaces must be spotlessly clean and to do that the use of flux is imperative. A lot of modelers rely on the flux within the solder and that is why the solder doesn't flow readily. I always clean both surfaces with additional non acid flux and have no problem getting a good shiny joint. Now others will disagree with me on this but I have followed that rule for years and have never had any trouble at all. However this is quite an easy thing to do if a few rules are followed. In the first workshop we look at the equipment involved in soldering and some tips on the use of equipment and it's maintenance.

Posted by andrewrussell12 at 2021-05-24 21:10:42 UTC