Hi I'm Eric and besides trying to finish renovating our house and learning to play the guitar I am planning my 00 layout using the micro baseboards plus a centre section and a two road fiddle yard, these will fit into two 22L Really Useful Boxes. All baseboards are built and I am trying to locate specific pieces of track stored in the loft! The layout is to be called Hallett Green, the names of two branches of my family tree, and will include a small station building, wooden platform and a small goods yard based somewhere in GWR territory. I also have plans to build an 00 diorama of a neglected set of sidings using some of the Metcalfe kits I have, modified to be rundown and derelict. The inspiration behind this being the late Allan Downes's Battery Street Sidings. However there is one caveat in that my finished article will not be as good as Allan's!

Posted by eric.dawes51 at 2021-04-24 13:27:47 UTC