If you are doing downloadable texture sheets that are going to be mounted onto a plywood surface be careful what paint that you use on the plywood. We built the smart models girder bridge and plywood approach roads and over a period of time in spite of being sprayed with artists sealer we had a bad case of colour fade. After various repapers of the approach roads it dawned on me it was only the bits that were painted with a grey paint that was being affected. Other areas were painted with a black water based paint and had no colour fade at all. After stripping the texture sheets for the fifth time we once again sprayed the the texture sheets with Ghiantt inkjet sealer we then mounted the cover layers onto 1mm card and that was six months ago and we have had no colour change whatso ever. Our chairman built the plywood approach and had painted some areas with the grey paint which was oil based and we think this reacted against the injet ink causing the colour fade. So watch what you apply your texture sheets to.

Posted by andrewrussell12 at 2021-05-25 19:30:35 UTC