My layout is 6' 6" long by 18" deep using SMS baseboards with an extension to the front to deepen them. "Hope this qualifies as a Micro Layout" Also added a small fiddleyard. It is to be a Country Station with Goods Shed and Engine shed. You may have seen some pics on previous Facebook pages. Track is laid and wired 😅😯 and is my first real attempt at electrifying points & the frogs. Got there in the end (especially the 3 way !!!!) but don't ask me how. 😏😏 Keep thinking of other ideas but gave myself a serious talking too and said "finish this one first Roger". Wiring all done and tidied (sort of) and I can run trains, which gives me a break from construction. Here are a few shots from today, I do enjoy making the buildings and detailing so there is plenty to keep me busy. Started to ballast the track and position buildings, then the boss will give me a hand in creating the scene. She has a natural talent with colours etc. Love the Derby Lightweight and although I am 99% BR steam she goes well with this set-up

Posted by Roger Mant at 2021-04-24 17:46:13 UTC