My layout - still work in progress... 'Hound Tor' in 2mm The fiction behind the fiction...... The story so far... Little did Sir Arthur Conan Doyle realise that his 1901/2 novel ' The Hound of The Baskervilles' , would be the driving force for a single track line between Baskertown and Hound Tor. Such was the popularity of the novel that readers were determined to visit the novel's location. Needless to say, the possibility of opening up a remote part of Dartmoor to tourism was irresistible and local businesses and council members were enthusiastic in their endorsement of the scheme. Hound Tor was promoted as a 'place of mystery' :- * a ritual site where the Druids held their pagan ceremonies. * How a schoolmaster having visited the tor, had a seizure during which he began to speak in Hebrew, dying three days later. In Medieval times there were Jewish men working in the mines and therefore the schoolmaster could have met the ghost of one of these. * An apparition of a Cavalier who walking into the road and vanishing * Sightings of a large black dog appearing and vanishing at will. * ghostly sightings of spectral figures said to emanate from the spiritual presence of an old witch who died around the late 1780’s. all of which fired the imagination of the Edwardians of the time.....and this model railway!

Posted by KeithD at 2021-04-24 18:15:07 UTC