I’m Kevin, based in Otterburn, #Northumberland. Modelling the #LNER in the English Borders. What if the ECML took a direct route from Newcastle to Edinburgh? It nearly happened until George Stephenson pointed out the engineering problems. Waverley route scenery, LNER named trains, whats not to love? The #redevalleyrailway layout is in the loft, 32’ x 11’6” incorporating bits of #ECML, Urban Tyneside, rural Waverley, North Sunderland, and border counties. The project is ongoing, and not very far advanced for a 20 year old project. Too many weeks working away from home on consulting projects means I’ve always been time poor. One day I might manage to retire and spend serious layout building time! Operations start in mid 1930s, but there is an increasing emphasis on wartime trains and the series of engines loaned to Heaton depot from 1942 onwards. The layout is #DCC and theres a gradual upgrade to sound taking place. I use megapoints for points and signals, #JMRI on Raspberry pi, and assymetric DCC for semi automatic running. Theres a side project #micro layout, Stephenson Road, an inglenook built in 100 sq inches to prove its possible for a working layout in absolute minimum space, I also have a small N gauge blue diesel fleet, with the future intention of a layout based on Heaton Station

Posted by Kevin Appleby at 2021-04-25 11:19:17 UTC