Good morning, my name is Dave and I live in Scotland. Had my 1st train set at 10 yrs old (Hornby 3 rail, yes I am that old lol), sold it, bought the 'New@ Hornby 2 rail, then started to buy more......but horror, they had become Hornby/Triang. Still, carried on.....then all stop.......60yrs later, retired, lockdown, decided to start again. So watch this space, no era or definite region, it is for enjoyment, setting up the track, building houses, landscape etc , huge change from plastic Airfix to Metcalfe 🤣, but enjoying it again. Seeing so many different layouts is blowing my mind as well, ooh ! that's a good idea, Oh! so is that lol Just enjoy what we do and have fun.

Posted by Dave & Jane - djp45mail at 2021-04-26 06:51:25 UTC