As mentioned in the comments on one of the SMS build blogs recently, I live in a village called Madeley in the NW corner of Staffordshire. At one time, it was served by two railway companies both having a station here. I have in the past started builds on three layouts but due to moves never finished them. This new attempt is part of my retirement venture having served as a Design Engineer at a few companies before now. Enjoying currently making quite a few building kits before commencement of the baseboards. Thanks to Justin's suggestion in the last news email, I have installed Anyrail and having a play around with it. My first attempt to get to grips with it yesterday was to copy one of Cyril Freezer's Plans for Small Railways. I would recommend that anyone takes this route if using Anyrail for the first time unless you have a very clear idea of what your track plan is. Happy modelling and stand clear of the platform edge.

Posted by NotANumber at 2021-04-26 09:37:15 UTC