#WarrenYard I took early retirement via voluntary redundancy some years ago and started building my first and only railway in 2010 which I expect to take at least another 10 years to complete. As I get slower, clumsier and less flexible, probably 20 years is more like it, but that doesn't matter. My railway modelling interest is freight and industry based in the era of BR steam and green diesel, working in 1:76 scale, OO gauge with DCC for loco driving only. The railway is centred on a marshalling yard out in the sticks attached to a busy trunk line which also sees some passenger traffic, it serves as a national network access hub for industries on the branch lines attached to it. Many vintage items of stock are present alongside contemporary models, including TTR, Dublo, 1960s+ Triang, Trix, Liliput, wheels updated as necessary and DCC decoders fitted. Vintage scenic including Wardie, Merit, Crescent, Dublo, Airfix. It's a labour of love, so once all is built with a modest level of scenic work then I could make another pass to enhance it in 20 years time, ho, ho. Jim

Posted by Jim Franklin at 2021-04-27 14:34:53 UTC