Again following on from the previous post on our BB017 is the track plan of our demo layout. If you are building a micro layout & are at the planning stage or looking at various different track plans, this is what we went for more or less with Dunn Street Yard. THE LAYOUT TRACK PLAN Below is a basic plan of the layout & where the scenic items are planned to be positioned on the layout. The key to kits is as follows: A – Fiddle yard cassettes. These will allow different trains to be brought on to & off the layout with trains being changed over off stage so to speak. B – Low relief 1930’s factory kit. This will sit on a raised area above the track work, the raised area will help hide the track entrance hole in the backscene board. C – Concrete hardstanding area. This will be the top section above the trackwork, it will be made removeable to allow access to the track below for maintance etc. D – 6 foot industrial wall with gates. This will sit along the front of the layout & act as the rail served yard perimeter. E – Over Bridge. This will be scratch built using items from the Scale Model Scenery range. The bridge will help hide the second track entrance hole through the backscene board. F – Hardstanding section with track work embedded. This will feature our LX096-OO hardstanding kit for depots. This will be the loading/unloading pad for the rail served factory. G – Low relief engine shed. This building will be our LX225-OO kit which will take on the roll as a rail-served factory building. H – Security fence with entrance gates across the access track. Here we’ll use the LX007-OO chainlink security fencing with gates. We’ve selected the crank top version which is a firm favourite with many customers & club members a like. I – Station. At the end of the branchline is the small station which will be served by a single car DMU unit. This station we’ll be scratch building using our platform & brick texture sheets. A wall or fencing will be fitted along the rear of the platform. J – Low relief factory unit. One of the low relief factory such as the KX007-OO units will sit between the station & the raised area. K – Portable office cabin/container. In the rail served yard will be located a portable office cabin/container. We’ll be using either the twin shipping container office kit or the easy build portable cabin kit for this. L – Security fence. Running along the side of the track in front of the low relief industrial unit will be security fencing, here we are thinking of using one of the palisade fencing kits. M – Tunnel & retaining wall. Here a tunnel will cover the entrance track work on to the layout from the fiddle yard cassettes. With the about to be released arched retaining wall kit into the Scale Model Scenery range, this will be ideal for covering the wall of the raise area as well as one section being used for a tunnel. #bb017 #demolayout #Dunnstreetyard

Posted by Iain Leach at 2021-04-28 13:23:36 UTC