#WarrenYard_cement #cement Cement Works - 10 - Site Map This is a keyed map of the cement works that has been under construction for about 1 year and is a precursor to copying my articles on it's development from the SMS Facebook group to here. It has grown enormously from the basic Walthers Valley Cement kit to encompass extra stages of the process. In my original sequence of articles this keyed map appeared about midway. For the new version I have kept it with the same post number but posted it first, all other posts will be updated to include reference numbers from this map. Freight traffic by rail :- In - silica sand, gypsum, explosives, loco coal, maintenance materials, and fine coal if conveyor issues. Out - raw limestone, bulk cement, bagged cement, scrap and waste. Diagram Key: 1 ) Access road to the limestone quarry with turn and dump area for the quarry dump trucks, (Foden FR6/45 28T Dump truck) 2 ) Explosives magazine for quarry blasting materials, within a secure fenced compound. 3 ) Delivery platform for explosives and other quarrying materials. 4 ) Industrial branch leading to further light industry. 5 ) Primary limestone crusher feed grating where the quarry trucks unload, elevator lifts the crushed stone to the secondary crushers. 6 ) Secondary crushers. 7 ) Output to crushed limestone bulk store via conveyor 8 ) Output to bulk hoppers for loading into hopper wagons (up to 4x 48T ICI). 9 ) Arrival/departure siding for wagons. 10 ) Bulk storage for crushed limestone. 11 ) Pre-mix where silica sand is added to the limestone, includes a large hopper for the mix. 12 ) Silica sand delivery shed for unloading COVHOP wagons and storage silos. 13 ) Main access road and run around loop. 14 ) Headshunt/loop for shunting bulk limestone wagons. 15 ) Mix pre-heat and exhaust gas cleaning. 16 ) Flue for exhaust gas. 17 ) Rotary kiln for creating the clinker, fired with pulverised coal. 18 ) Clinker cooling and raw grind, fuel mill in basement to pulverise the coal for the kiln. 19 ) Reserve coal bunker in event of conveyor issues from the colliery. 20 ) Bulk store, compartmentalised for clinker and incoming coal from colliery. 21 ) Coal hopper for supplying cement works via conveyor or loading wagons for rail delivery. 22 ) Coal and water for site shunting loco. 23 ) Post mix, grind clinker and mix in gypsum to create the cement powder. 24 ) Gypsum silo and air fluidising equipment to unload PRESFLO wagons. 25 ) Bulk cement storage silos. 26 ) Transfer house for cement from silos to dispatch. 27 ) Silos for loading bulk cement wagons, PRESFLO and CEMFLO. 28 ) Canopied platform for loading bagged cement into vans and receiving site supplies. 29 ) Bagged cement warehouse. 30 ) Loading bays for road transport of bagged cement. 31 ) Lorry parking area. 32 ) Cement (carousel) bagging plant. 33 ) Industrial branch from the marshalling yard. Jim

Posted by Jim Franklin at 2021-04-28 14:23:50 UTC