#WarrenYard_cement #cement Cement Works - 1 - Limestone Crusher Building Finally started on the structures (6 to 8 on site map) that will comprise the cement works and adjacent colliery. The cement works core is the Walthers Valley Cement kit with extra buildings added for both pre and post activities of cement production, including initial crushing, another Walthers kit, plus additional structures for pre-mix/grind and post processing of the raw clinker before the silos. The colliery the other side of the industrial branch line track provides fine coal for the furnace. This arrives via overhead conveyor into a hopper for weighing and storage before processing in the fuel mill attached the cement works building at the flame end of the rotary furnace. Limestone arrives by dumper truck from the quarry and is elevated to the roof entry point. The crushed material leaves via the hoppers into railway wagons for external customers or via the adjacent conveyor exit to the bulk storage warehouse of the cement works. The pictures here show the initial assembly and painting of the crusher building which has been converted to be a 'left-hand' version of the original Walthers Glacier Gravel Co kit which was a little tricky in places. Anyway this is my first attempt at such a structure and spray painting which so far is a mix of acrylic Expo primers and a little Humbrol silver. I have tried so far to create a used but not neglected look to the buildings. The next stage will be to further flatten the satin shine of the silver with a matt coating before adding more weathering with powders, and further detail when bedded down into the layout. Jim

Posted by Jim Franklin at 2021-04-28 19:20:31 UTC