#WarrenYard_cement #cement Cement Works - 5 - Sources of Information Online Further to a request for information sources here are some of the most useful sources of information about cement works I have found online which vary in era and mainly of UK origin. 1) General Process Information :- https://www.cementkilns.co.uk/cement.html https://gharpedia.com/blog/dry-process-for-manufacturing-of-cement 2) Works, equipment, process, including a site plan, Masons, Ipswich, UK, Originally built 1914 https://www.cementkilns.co.uk/cement_kiln_masons.html 3) YouTube video "Look at Life Vol 01 transport High, wide and Faster 1963", Time 8:05 onwards the loading of CEMFLO wagons at the Blue Circle plant at Cliffe, Kent. Probably applicable to PRESFLO wagons too. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=mExzbG-gYLI&t=2s 4) More information about the Cliffe plant at :- https://www.cementkilns.co.uk/cement_kiln_cliffe.html 5) Later the Cliffe site became a gravel works, the cement work features appear to have been left to decay but are still visible in the site photographs. In particular the cement wagon loading facilities are visible. A scaled down version is due for my cement works model (structure 27). https://www.kentrail.org.uk/cliffe gravel works (4).htm 6) Cliffe 1985 http://re-photo.co.uk/?p=3625 Scroll down the page a few images. 7) https://www.rmweb.co.uk/community/i...iness-in-the-80s-90s-and-a-some-br-questions/ Info and mages within the thread There are numerous videos on YouTube particularly from Asia which give guided tours of modern cement plants. I hope this is of use and if any links are wrong please let me know and I will correct them. Jim

Posted by Jim Franklin at 2021-04-28 20:30:52 UTC