#WarrenYard_cement #cement Cement Works - 8 - Silica Sand Silos Structure 12 on the site map is part of my expansion of the Walthers Valley Cement works cement manufacturing process which is the addition of silica sand. Sited between the pre-mix building (11) and the mix pre-heat building (15). It includes a bulk delivery shed for gravity discharge wagons (I am using COVHOPs) which discharge into a pit. The bucket elevator lifts sand from there to the headhouse where it is directed into the required silo. The silos discharge to a sub-surface conveyor for passage to the pre-mix building which is work in progress. This structure is built mainly from spare parts of other Walthers kits (Ref: Cement Works - 7) with the addition of a caged ladder up the side to the headhouse with walkway access to the elevator motor and drive gear for maintenance. Jim

Posted by Jim Franklin at 2021-04-29 07:25:30 UTC